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  • Growing In Christ - This 6 lesson series focuses on transforming every believer into a model of Christ at home, at work, at school, and definitely at church. 
  • "Spring Cleaning" - This 4 lesson series challenges Christians to clean their lives, their hearts, their environments so GOD can reign supreme in their lives.​

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Great Sites to Visit for inspiration

Sunday school

  • Salvation & Stilettos - A great blog for Christian growth and spiritual, emotional, and career development!  Occasional fasts and challenges
  • Dr. Jasmine Wise  - This awesome author and presenter just finished her first book - Confessions of A Sinner!​ - a great book for discussion and challenge for young adults.
  • Bible Studies from Deacon Ernest Harden coming soon...

bible studY Lessons

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The aim of this lesson is to compare the experiences of Paul and Barnabas with those of Christians experiencing opposition in the present. 

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December 17th - Faith to Persevere!